Sunday, November 2, 2014

Warning: Graphic Photos(Our Halloween)

On Halloween we had a late start to the evening after cooking dinner, eating, and changing into costumes. We started at the school my aunt teaches to join their "Trunk or Treat" where my Grandpa was giving candy, as well, out of the trunk of his 1953 Ford. The had lots of games, treats, food, and fun! We then stopped by my other aunts for some of her homemade popcorn balls and then headed to my parents. Everett was totally inthralled in handing candy out there more than anything else. He said that he would rather do that than trick or treat. He sat on the porch all by himself on the edge of his chair ready to jump up at the sight of another trick or treater. We eventually made it to my grandma Kenna's so she could see the kid's costumes and we hung out there the rest of the evening while Everett and two of his cousins handed out more candy.

On Saturday we threw our third annual Halloween party and holy cow, it was a blast! We have a costume contest every year to encourage people to dress up and everyone did a fabulous job! Everett knocked it up a notch for the contest and dressed as his Grandpa. I loved all the Halloween themed treats that everyone made too. It was so fun, I already can't wait for our next one! 

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