Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas Lists!

Every year I like to make lists for at least the kiddos, mostly because I have fun making them. Here are just a few ideas of amazingly adorable things that are out there, and maybe these ideas will help you, if there's a certain someone out there you're struggling to shop for! Merry Early Christmas!  xo -Liz

1. dress 2. books(I already have Heidi in this set and it's gorgeous!) 3.banner 4.toy shelf 5.pjs 6.shirt 7.sweater 8.swing 9.sandles 10.leggings 

1.backpack 2.flash cards 3.floor puzzle 5.pjs 6.leggo set 7. plain white tees 8.boxers 9. video game 10.motorcycle style trousers charge kit controller 3.button-up 4.jeans 5.hikers 6.shirt 7.destinty 8.halo V 9.pants 10.Halo
1.records 2.shirt 3.tote 4.pillow 5.copper cup 6.print mug 9.bed sheet set 10.WARM sleeping bag


  1. Copper cups are awesome, are you wanting it cus it looks cool or because it can kill germs and thingies in your water? I think it might put ions or something in it to idk

    1. Yeah I've heard about the health bennifits but I originally just thought it looked super cool!