Saturday, November 1, 2014

The One Where I Talk About Dreams

(Pictures from our night in the desert last week)

You may love your life, that's really up to you.
If you do love your life, even try to live it to its fullest, there's still always turning points. Yep, of course, we all have turning points… realizations. You'll just be living your life one day and say, "Hey, I don't want to do this anymore, why am I living like this? I want something different." or maybe you've just gotten through something rough(sometimes it's that, that makes us realize it the most) and you have to take a step back to remember how to live life the way you want to. You have to choose which way you're going to go. Are you going to stay on your current path and let everything else run your life? Or are you going to be a little braver and take a step in the direction you've always wanted to try? There's usually a lot more risk or sacrifice if you change your life's direction. Maybe you're feeling you have a duty to stay where you are or the ones around you will take a toll. But you'll probably discovered if you just give it a try, the people around you will cope much easier than what you worried.

I had this dream a few nights ago that I was going down a road, the same old road I drive to take Everett to pre-school, two days a week. But in my dream I turned down a road I've never gone down before. At the end of the road were things I never imagined would be there. There were amazing people, fun people, people who taught me things. There were farms and a way of living I've never seen before. I spent way too much time hanging out down that road just enjoying and breathing everything in as much as possible. I felt like I was even getting on a few peoples nerves from hanging around so much, but I didn't even really mind that. I was just glad I had made the choice, taken the chance, to go down a road I had never gone before. The scale of the things I experienced, changing my route a little, far out weighed any fears I had. 
I drive my husband crazy when I talk about symbolism in my dreams or look to deeply into them, but I really believe that my dream was telling me something serious. To take the chance. Mix life up a little. Experience a little more of the unordinary. Add a little of something you've always wanted to try, or just something different. You may find a new love.
Maybe it's just the changing season, but I've been inspired to change things up a bit. And I challenge you to do the same this season. The best of luck on your new adventure! 
xo -Liz

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