Sunday, November 30, 2014

Covered Bridge Ranch (tree hunting)

My sister-in-law and brother invited us along to the Covered Bridge Ranch for some Christmas Tree hunting. We didn't get a real tree this year and I've never been to a tree farm before, but I'm so glad we went! I was a fun experience for sure and hopefully I can talk the Mr. into going next year and maybe even getting our own real Christmas tree! There was so much other fun, unique experiences around there too; trailer rides around the farm, marshmallow roasting, petting zoo, hay climbing tower, concessions, and a handmade gifts shop.


  1. What amazing pictures again, Liz! I just love being able to share in your family experiences this way! I will save them and print them for our photo album. Your kids are growing - and so cute and sweet! You guys are such loving, devoted parents. We are very proud of you! Love, Grammy

    1. Thanks Grammy! I'm glad you enjoy them! Love you guys bunches 😁