Tuesday, November 25, 2014

You're Bitter-Sweet, Ten Months

Darby's 10 month birthday is here and I can't believe her first birthday is just around the corner! She's constantly learning and accomplishing new things! So I made a little list of a few new things she's been up to this last month. 
She's just gotten her second tooth.
She stands on her own without even seeming to notice. 
She laughs and squeals at everything that makes her happy, which is almost everything. 
She's bashful and hangs her head with a smirk to show you. 
She loves water enough to constantly try to get into the toilet water, when no one's looking. 
She literally gets into everything though. In fact, here she is now!:
 axxdcsxzzaœååßΩΩ ¸ X11 cc`ex1 x         V D CXXCD B      f   aAJHANAGGB BHG UYYHGyhgGFAwA AQHJBHGHQGfvva` uy 1sj HYtyH F V C    c q QC vC  nq1 BN `t6 q H!G N BHBABNBVab  

She makes many jokes and laughs hysterically at them. 
She dances to everything. Here's a little video of her booty shakn'(below).

She cries when I don't offer her some of what I'm eating.
She says bye-bye(baa-baa), Dada, Everett(eh-bah), All done(ah-dah), and dog(dah).
She's getting to that age where she begins to become so independent that you have to scoop her up from whatever she's doing sometimes in order to get enough of her cuddles. And she's just going to become more independent from here. I think the word bitter-sweet was discovered by a mother for times like these.


  1. 10 months has definitely been the most unreal age, even though its the hardest Thomas has started holding on and cuddles with us so that makes it better.

    1. Awe yeah, that stuff does make it all better! :)

  2. Liz, this is a great report again! We love that little sweetheart and really wish we could have seen her this week! (Everett, too) I can't believe how fast they grow, especially that first year! She looks like she is very enthusiastic and fun now. Give her and Everett kisses for Grammy and Gramps. Love you, Grammy