Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bakah's Baloons

The Mister has been gone since Tuesday, and I knew I would be sad to see him leave, but happy that he gets to go do something cool. I also knew that even though he'd be away, time would fly, and it has! I can't believe it's almost Sunday! So far I've done a ton of yard selling, made a few recipes I've been wanting to try, made a birthday calendar (DIY coming soon!), went Mother's day shopping, and hung out with the girls.
Today I went to a memorial for my friend who was killed by a drunk driver back in August. They had put in a plaque under a tree at the park we were at, It said:
 "Rebekah Joy King
Now dancing with her heavenly Father
We miss you so much!"
Peopled shared a few stories, then we all wrote something on a balloon for her and released it together. I got a little teary eyed, but it was so good to see everyone come together to remember this amazing young lady. I wrote to her how I miss her beautiful face and her positive energy. She NEVER had anything bad to say. I wish I was as kind and as loving as her. I still can't believe she's gone... I have so many sad things to say about her death, but seeing how well her amazing family has delt with her passing, I feel I have no right to say negative things while her own family retains from saying them.

Anyway, this weekend still isn't over! Mothers Day is tomorrow and I'm excited to see both my Mother's and spend time with Family. I think we're going to go have a picnic lunch up on a hiking trail. It's also my first official Mother's Day!!! Yay! It should be a great day. I hope you have a great Mother's Day too! xo

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