Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mama's Rocker/Baby's Fort

Yesterday the sweet Mister and I had a little date night. It wasn't what you'd call a Real date night, but it was still super fun!... much more that a "real" date I think ;) I made him tacos at home and once the little bear was in bed, we went to the store and bought a bunch of much needed baby essentials while his Grandma watched him. We had a lot of fun goofing around and making each other laugh.
On this "baby goodies shopping trip" we bought a rocker so I could rock the little bear to sleep without killing my back. We assembled it that night... we'll truthfully the sweet Mister assembled it while I made a fort out of the giant box it came in. This morning he had a blast playing in it!

Hiding out

Found Dada in his fort

Joining Dada

I love my new rocker and wish I had bought it a lot sooner. The little bear thinks it's pretty awesome too!

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