Monday, May 23, 2011

Chicken Soup for the... Tummy. 

I sincerely apologize for the cricket sounds over at my blog lately. As you know my little bear was feeling sick. Almost immediately after he began feeling better, my sweet Mister began feeling ill with something similar, so I had to nurse him back to health. Then, almost immediately after he was better I GOT IT! The flu bug or something's been hitting all of us. It's been pretty crazy frustrating. I was so sick all I wanted to do was lay in bed. Sadly my sweet Mister was working so he couldn't help me watch the little bear. But, luckily my sister only had work until about 9 am (she's a baker) so she being an awesome sister (and aunt) watched him for me until I was strong enough to do a little more. LOVE HER!
It being a Saturday that I was sick, I missed out on a few things. My parents were helping run The Third Annual Vintage Motorcycle Show. They've been very involved in it ever since this area has started the shows and "get togethers".  I love seeing all the old motor bikes and being able to vote for my favorite one. I'm sure it all went well without me though lol! I also missed our friends graduation party and David's last competition concert. He's been drumming for this great country band lately that was playing in a local competition. If you or your band wins you get to go on to play at Country Jam (a huge annual concert here with many famous country artists). After that you can go on to a national competition where you compete for a record label Well, that night was the final competition and... THEY WON! Yippy!!! It's pretty exciting. Although Davd's not a big country person (nor I) It's still pretty exciting! 
Hope ya'll had an exciting weekend xoxo lots of love ;)

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