Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bop Hair DIY

Here's a really easy way to get the "bop" in your hair. I didn't use hair spray for this, but it would probably work out for you better if you do. (I apologize for the foggy pictures.)
What you need:
1. A piece of material close to your hair color. I used a pretty small piece because I didn't want that big of a "bop".
2. Hair spray
3. Hair rubber band
What you to do:
1. Gather everything you need since this process should go pretty fast.

2. Comb your hair back as if you're doing a normal pony tail.

3. Separate a section from the top part of your hair
4. Place your material under that section of hair, comb it back, and continue to put your hair in a pony tail(or whatever style you want). 
You can also do a bee hive style using a loofah covered with material the same color as your hair and LOTS of hair spray and bobby pins! enjoy! xo -Liz

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