Friday, October 28, 2011

How We Met V.3

This version of how we met is from the lovely Brenna. I'm so glad that she took the time to write their cute story! She writes here own blog HERE.

Our story starts out about 8 years ago (at age 13). I had just gotten home from a long trip to Hawaii and the very next morning my friend asked me if I could help her babysit a big group of kids. I said yes and her mom brought us to the Martinez residence. They were having a big meeting for a homeschool group so I was watching all of the kids, including Chases little sisters and brother. I remember them being super nice, but later on in the day Chase comes out of his "cave" and joins us. I thought he was a good looking guy, but I was not impressed at all especially from the fact that he flipped off me and my friend (silly middle school boys!)

I saw Chase off and on for the next couple years at various homeschool activities. When we were 15 we both joined the same writing class. I remember being so impressed with how much he matured and how nice he was. After the writing class was over I got a job with the tobacco enforcement by being a undercover minor. One day after the cop picked me up to start working, he said he hired someone new and that we were going to pick him up on our way out. I started getting really nervous the closer we got to Chase's house and just about froze when we pulled up to his door. We were able to work with each other quite a bit and since we went to different towns it meant a LOT of time in the car. 

He ended up inviting me to his youth group nights and we started constantly messaging each other on the good ol' Myspace. (sentimental me still has all of our conversations saved). It's probably the only way he could get me to talk to him cause I was so shy. He quickly became one of my best friends. Some people would say that's too young for a relationship (which I would probably agree with most of the time), but I'm really glad we were so young because we got to experience all of the "growing up" stuff together like getting our drivers license, graduating, getting our first real jobs, and so on… 

We didn't start going out until about a year later and after graduation we started talking about getting married sometime in the distant future. Little did we know we would be married that same year. One night he took me to a "Movies Under The Stars" night up on glade park and then took me on a night hike afterwards. I was so worried about my parents getting mad about me getting home so late so I kept begging him to take me home and I finally just stood up and started walking towards the car and he yelled "wait, wait, wait! …will you marry me?…" I was really embarrassed that I had started walking away, but of coarse I said yes. We were married 3 months later. 

It's weird because we are still just a couple of kids and we recently celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. We are still growing up, but we get to experience it together and one day we will grow old and experience THAT together.



  1. It would have been okay if you were late that night as we knew what he was doing( : The love story has only begun though.--MOM

  2. Awe!
    I am such a lame friend, I never knew that's how Chase proposed!