Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Denver/Part I

This last weekend we took a little weekend trip to Denver. I have been so set on taking this trip for a long time now. The sweet mister finally had a three day weekend completely free, so he blocked everything else from his schedule so we could go! I had so many things planned for us to do, but unfortunately we all three happen to catch the flu! (How does that happen?!!) The first day there the sweet mister let me lay in bed while he watched the little bear before he got sick. The next day I was feeling a little better, but husby started getting sick! He tagged along anyways to the zoo with us! He is the best EVER! Our walk around the zoo took us three hours and we didn't even stop to see everything! The little bear I don't think really understood some of it, but he thought it was cool to watch all the animals moving around. There was a particular monkey (above) that he really seemed to connect with though! haha We went to the mall after that and then went swimming in the hotel pool until the little bear almost crashed in my arms.

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