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How We Met V.2

I'm so happy to introduce the second How We Met from my amazing and talented Sister-In-Law LaRae! I love this story and am SO thankful that she took the time to write it! I hope you crack up at least half as much as I did when you read this! They are such a cute and funny pair. They go together so well and I'm so glad they found each other! So without further ado here she is:

To best explain how Amos and I met I thought would be to put it in to a series of chapters or short stories if you will. This will allow me to tell our story in a shorter readers digest version then a lengthy novel.

Child hood-

Amos and I first met way back when we were kids, our parents went to the old vineyard on north avenue. My dad was a worship pastor and Amos' mom helped with the nursery and love care. However this is not where our story begins mainly just a precursor. Actually if you were to ask us when we were kids what we thought of each other Amos would have said I was the loud, obnoxious, wild child that would never be tamed. I on the other hand  would have said Amos was the quiet awkward  kid with the glasses and he had cooties. Basically back then we would never have imagined that we would date let alone be married.

Re- Acquainting-

Fast forward about 15 years. I have recently moved back to grand junction a mutual friend asks if I want to go out to sushi with him and a friend who just got back from japan. We show up to the restaurant and the friend was Amos, he says he recognized me right away, I however did not recognize the now tall thin boy who did not wear glasses and was looking very cute wearing this black hat with a penguin pin on it.  Then our friend introduced us and it all came back to me who this was.


After a few times of hanging out together with mutual friends Amos and I found our self sitting around a fire at a friends house( the same house we live in now). He was talking about his motorcycle and I was talking about hiking when he looks at me and says “hey I really like hiking we should go some time”. I thought this was a good idea but was confused whether this was a date or just another hang out.
We arranged a day to go hiking and I just waited to see what would happen.

Hiking/ It's a first date-

So the day we had plan to go hiking was of course the day it was raining outside. I had not heard from Amos but had assumed we were most likely not going hiking. I texted Amos and he was still up for going hiking so we planned to meet at my parents house  in Fruita. Still raining Amos shows up in flip flops I remember laughing and asking him if he brought hiking shoes, no. Did he for get them? no. His reply was “ actually I hike in sandles all the time, they have really good support”. I would later find out he was afraid of running late for our first date that he didn’t want to take the time to go get his shoes, which were at his parents house. By the end of are hike amos' sandles and pants were covered in mud. We went back to my parents house and were sitting in the car, I couldn't tell if he wanted to come inside or not so I took a chance and asked if he wanted to watch a movie or something and he did:).

Boyfriend & Girlfriend/ Brenna's wedding

Amos and I had been hanging out/ going on dates for four months now but had never made it official if we were boyfriend and girlfriend we had not even kissed. It was October 25, 2008 Amos and I were at his sister Brenna’s wedding reception. We were sitting at a table with some friends and I remember wanting to break the ice. I asked Amos if he wanted a kiss? He was shocked! He turned so red everyone at the table was laughing as I opened my hand to reveal a small wrapped chocolate Hershey kiss. Shortly after this had happened a friend of amos' came up and asked him if he wanted to go down to mesa theater and club with him and get some girls, Amos really embarrassed now just looked over at me. I could tell he did not know what to say so I again broke the ice and told him “ it's not like were boyfriend and girlfriend, Its okay if you go”. Stunned now he opens his mouth and says “well I kind of thought we were.”( my answer finally). I smiled at him and said “well Amos you have to ask me, I mean if you were going to marry a girl  wouldn’t you ask? Or would you just assume she would say yes”. Needless to say he finally asked me.

The Proposal/  Going to japan

Four months after Amos and I became Boyfriend and girlfriend he asked me to marry him over a candle lit dinner on February 2,2009 , also my 22 birthday. We were so very excited and so much in love. We started planning a wedding which would take place in a year. We figured this would give us enough time to get everything done.  Amos had been planning on going to japan again on a mission trip for three months so this would still give us 9 months of planning.  So a month after we had been engaged Amos packed his bags and headed for japan or so we thought. Turns out Amos made it as far as Denver and decided he couldn’t leave. He knew he had found the love of his life and wanted to get married. He surprised all of us and showed up 3 days later at my front door. We hugged and kissed and decided that we would get married July 3, 2009, only four months after we had first gotten engaged.

July 3,2009

On this day I married my best friend, a man that I love and will be in love with the rest of my life. The boy I had remembered from when I was younger and the man I had been reacquainted with only a year  earlier, was now the man waiting for me at the end of the aisle. As we said our I Do's I remember thinking How happy I was that we had the chance to meet. 

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  1. Haha! Love it! that's s cute. The flip flop thing is so something Amos would do... lol

  2. A very sweet, romantic story. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to write it, and sharing it on Wishes & Kisses, LaRae.

    David's mom, Renie

  3. Thanks for sharing! So many details we tend to forget.-cynthia B