Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 Goals This Month

I compiled a list of goals to reach this next month. I hope to get better at each one(even if it's just a little) by the end of this next month.
P.S. I made this photo a while back just for fun and decided to finally share it. xo -Liz

Read more, especially to the little: He loves being read to so much. I do read to him twice a day(once before nap and once before bed time), but I need to slow down and take time read an extra book or two to him. It's one of my favorite times of the day. I also Need to make time to finish some of my books. They're piling up more than ever which leads to my next one...

Stop getting distracted!: I become distracted easily. If I get on the internet to do something productive I end up watching old Chamberlyn vlogs or browsing Pintrest. I have, luckily, been doing very well with Face Book, but I think I need to do the same with a few other sites.

Organize my day: It takes me FOREVER to get going on my day. I feel like I'm running back and forth between things trying to make it work faster, but stopping one thing to finish another over and over never speeds things up. I really don't now how you working moms do it! Between Trying to feed, dress, and care for Everett and trying to get all my things together our morning doesn't begin till close to noon.

Take advantage of the weather: I need to get out of this mindset that it's still winter. Mother Nature is obviously wanting to be enjoyed right now with its many summery days lately and I need to take time to enjoy it as much as possible, weather that be a hike, a walk, or a day at the park with the littles.

 Use my camera: Yeah, that sounds sorta weird because there are SO MANY photos on this blog, but I have definitely been lazy about using my Cannon for the easy phone camera. The Iphone has the best phone camera out there and I love it to death, but after using my regular camera for a couple days I was impressed by how much better my photos looked. I really appreciate it when people take the time to make their photos look their best and so I feel like I really need to stop being a lazy photo taker.

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