Friday, February 3, 2012

We Like to Dance!

Everett and I do a LOT of dancing. Him mostly, but whenever there's a good song that comes on, we just end up dropping everything we're doing and dance to any and every kind of music! I think it's his favorite thing in the world and it always brings a smile to our faces.

We're headed up to the mountains for the weekend, so I probably won't be back here until Monday. Take care, and have a great weekend! xo -Liz


  1. I LOVE Everett's dance moves. That kid's got mad skillz.

  2. Oh, how embarrassed the boy will be....(makes it even better)

  3. I just love the page showing you guys going to the mountains, swimming in the snow, and of course, Little Bear dancing with you. I really loved this whole post.

    Thanks for sharing, Grammy!