Saturday, February 25, 2012

Links to Love

We've been enjoying the park A LOT lately. It's been so nice. 

Everett's face, on the way down the slide, cracks me up every time I watch this, haha.

And now here are some links I love this weekend. Enjoy. xo -Liz
Love this playlist!
A fan of Joseph G-L? Check out his newest project pretty cool!
These big brothers letters to his soon to arrive sister... SO adorable!!!
This is great. Amy's reasons for cutting off the tag of your jeans: Saying no to numbers: a kinda sorta DIY
Pretty interesting teething chart to see the average age for certain teeth to come in.
I NEED these! The prettiest coaster set.
Getting ready to make these and this. Mmmm, can't wait!
Speaking of recipes, today is nation tortilla chip day! We're having a nacho party tomorrow. I made this cheese sauce before and am definitely doubling it this time. It's too good!
Non-toxic all natural Bee's Wax crayons. Neatest thing ever for little artists.
Curious what's in the most expensive Starbucks drink?
My husby played for a youth conference last weekend and I'm loving this Welcome Video shot by our friend Wade.

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