Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life This Week(according to cellphone pictures) #44

A couple weeks squished into one post this week:
Bri/berries/hummus mama baby lunch, chocolate almond butter face, licking brownie batter with my girls, what's in our freezer, talking about the ice cream truck, summer dress love, finally getting to see what an Ice Cream Truck is all about, some of my FIL's x-rays(photo courtesy of Roxy), so happy this girl is here, AIR SOFT!!!,  Horror flick and sushi day, three of my favorite vantage's, River Run 1, River Run 2, Midnight snack, dada lovin, sunset reflections, Mr. Toad, Mama/baby lunch, Cool Pink paint, mannequin trying to hold back laughing at me, BF, close call, lights, fountains1, 2, 3, ready to rock the day

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