Monday, July 9, 2012

Whole Food Goodness


Here I am, up late, on Sunday night(or Monday morning), thinking about health. Particularly the diet part of our health. So I hope you don't mind if I, yet again, get on my health soapbox.
 I don't know what generally first triggered my long time want to eat better and and find out more about having a healthier diet, but as my general knowledge grows, I always have a want to gain more knowledge about our food. I guess you could say… to eat more the way we were intended. Almost as if we were plopped on this planet with nothing but our bodies, minds, and the normal, natural, food around us. Could you imagine? Of course, luckily, that is not the way it is. We can easily drive to the super market and buy our food off the shelves that's already been picked, or prepared. As I've discussed many times on this blog before, the reasons I think it's important what we're eating, there are many other reasons out there. Let's take meat for a good example. There are SO many controversial things on meat. Some people believe meat is an important part of their meals. Some believe meat was never meant to be eaten. Some eat only meats that has been raised and treated naturally, while others just don't care one bit, as long as it tastes good. So many people have so many reasons on why they eat what they do. Some have been scared away by meat factory horror stories (like the popular chicken nugget one), but either way, I think I can assure you that there are many more untold processed food stories out there. With that said, I don't want to try and scare you into becoming a Vegetarian or something, but I believe that there are many, MANY untold things out there that have to do with the food we eat. Processing, bleaching, you really don't have any clue most of the time what exactly your foods have been through before you put it in your mouth. Why do people bash on one thing(like chicken nuggets) when most of our daily consumed food has been though so many things we have no idea about? And so many things added to our food too. Have you ever tried reading a box with a long list of ingredients? Either your eyes get too tired before finishing those tiny letters, or you get tongue tied by the many long words. Throughout the years, I've discovered that many of those big scientific words are disguises for unimaginable things. I'll never touch some foods again. But to tell you the truth, I'm not so concerned about knowing what every big word is on the ingredients label. What I want to know if it's something we can eat. Well, yes, I'm sure it's edible, but is it FOOD? Is it actually something that we were meant to eat? Something that came from the earth and wasn't genetically altered in some way. Why isn't it more simple? why can't most labels just have a few, simple, understandable ingredients on them? We weren't meant to eat this way. Really. There have been so, So many studies that have discovered the leading causes for cancer and heart disease is they way we eat. And eating a simple vegetable based diet will actually reverse cancer and heart disease in many cases. There are so many more reasons than just that of course, but our bodies are obviously meant to be fed by what we've always had here on the earth from the beginning. No bleach, no hormones, no big scientifically words, just plain and simply whole foods. I always say, "The less ingredients on the box, the better", which is definitely something I try to live by daily. There are so many health problems out there that could simply disappear if we changed the way we ate to simpler foods. I think we need to have a food revolution or something. I know I will be taking out some processed foods from now on and adding a little more whole food goodness! How bought you?


  1. This morning I was looking up a recipe, and I found it on a blog that was for being more trim. There were so many processed foods, (namely cream of whatever soup, which definetly has more that eniough salt for a week, among many other things)So I went too look up how to make the processed foods from scratch, and in one of the recipes their was country crock and splenda! I was so miffed! I feel like I hafe to alter every recipe I want to try. Most of the old cook books that I find, that are more that 70 years old, are usually sectioned by seasons, and if it calls for something out of season, then it is canned or dried. They also use ingredients that we usually don't think of using because it isn't one of the few "all year foods" in the supper market. You should borrow The feast Nearby from my mom.

    1. Yeah, that's SO amazing! I wish we lived like that still! haha.
      Did you finish reading that one already? I wanna take a look it it.

    2. Yes I did, It was really good, and easy to read.