Wednesday, July 4, 2012


As I mentioned earlier, Everett and I took some much needed time to head up to the mountains and escape the city for a while. We could see some fires and so much smoke down below from up there. Luckily there are no fires around where we went, so the air we pretty fresh and clean. The sunsets however, were all bright pink from all the smoke towards the valleys. 
It was only a short 24 hours, but a great time. Everett was able to do and see things he never has before. I hope to be able to get away again very soon!

Footnote: On the drive back home, I noticed some dark smoke billowing up not far away. By the time I passed a few hills, to my surprise, there was a big fire right next to the interstate. The first fire truck was pulling up to it the second I passed. Luckily they contained it later, but it scared me so much that another fire had started so easily and so close to the city. I'm so thankful for all those firefighters. Even though we won't be able to watch the fireworks show this year, It's a good reminder of all the people who have been suffering from the extreme fires. I hope your Fourth of July is fun either way! xo -Liz

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  1. Love the photos, Liz. And we are always glad to hear from you. Did David have to work?

    Miss you!