Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bringing Up Bebe

I forget… a lot to update about what's new with Everett. The things that are too insignificant to mention are probably the most memorable though. Like when we were hastily walking out the door early yesterday morning, he stopped, pointed at the shoes I had just put on and said, "I wike you shoes, Mama!" My heart melted…
So since it's really hard for me to keep up with all the little things this growing boy is going through, here's a quick list about what's current in his world:

  •   Favorite foods: Hot dogs(turkey dogs) I think mostly because we always get to sing the hot dog song, blue berries, Lara Bars, hummus, cucumbers w/ranch… pretty much just a food lover in general.
  •   Can count all the way through 1 to 12, if he's in the right mood. 
  •   Can be entertained by books for hours on end. Total book worm. 
  •   Hurts himself constantly and laughs about it. 
  •   Is also gonna be a class clown, I can already tell. He will do ANYTHING to get a laugh out of you.(that's his dada too) 
  •   Is pretty amazing with numbers, shapes, colors, and can already read his own name!(he also knows what it says when he sees the Chick-Fil-A logo on anything. A little obsessed with chicken). 
  •   Practically anything his Dada eats, says, or does, he wants in on it. He drinks up any time he gets to spend with him. 
  •   Loves cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, dump trucks and knows specifically what each of them are. 
  •   Some favorite activities: long bicycle rides, playing in water, throwing rocks and balls… and recently toys down the stairs… yeah. 
  •   Always asks to sing "Mazing Gwace" right before bed. 
  •   Is afraid of NOTHING! Balloons pop, dog barks in his face, falls off things… nothing! 
  •   Is turing two in less than a month! Crazy, crazy. He likes too tell me pretty often all the plans he has for his party. A few of his favorite things are involved including, pies, food, water, frogs, balloons, and candy.

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  1. and I've never seen a kid like hats the way he does. cybiocic