Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolutions: A Better You V.1

This picture really inspired my new year's resolutions this year. I'm sure everyone has some resolutions every year to basically just be a healthier, better person. Well, I'm starting a new little series for this new year with tips on how to be a little more healthy. I'm excited and motivated for this new year, and I hope you are too!

New Year's Resolution #1: More Green Drinks

Drink 1: Green Juice
I try to juice almost every day, but a lot a weeks just feel too lazy. It's kinda like going to the gym. You never really feel like doing it, but are so glad you did after wards. Vegetable juicing has so many benefits that I can't even list them all. Juicing fresh is the best way to get all those fresh enzymes and nutrition into your body fast and easy without having to eat like ten big salads!
Detoxing juice:

  • one bunch of celery
  • about 3 cups cabbage
  • one cucumber
  • one lemon
  • about 5 handfulls spinach

Dink 2: Green Smoothie
If you have kids that aren't so found of the green juice, or if you yourself don't care for it much there's a delicious solution. This recipe I found called for one to two bananas, but I used a tiny bit of natural yogurt this time instead. 

  • two large spoon full's of yogurt (or 1-2 bananas)
  • two large hand full's of spinach
  • two cups of frozen fruit
  • some water for blending

Drink 3: Green Tea
You have most likely heard many benefits of green tea. The list of benefits is LONG! There are many like curing the common cold, prevent tooth decay, treating MS and cencer, and is used to raise the metabolism and increase fat oxidation. It's also the easiest green drink to make! All you need is hot water, green tea bag(and I like a little honey).

I hope you enjoyed and are as motivated as I am to start your new year off right! I'll be back soon with more tips for you! Enjoy! xo -Liz

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