Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmasy Things

It seems like almost every day lately we've been enjoying something Christmasy this week. We walked down town to hear my BIL's Sister caroling and they had SO much Christmasy things going on. Bell players, Christmas hay rack rides, more carolers, a fire, and most of the shops were open late. It was such a great time.

My SIL Danelle made this amazing ginger bread dough and we both had a lot fun cutting out the little cookies and baking them. I spent the whole next morning decorating them with my sister and we got a little TOO creative and made some pretty goofy looking cookies. We used pumpkin egg nog in the frosting instead of cream and it turned out sooo yummy!

Everett also enjoyed seeing some reindeer with his cousin, even though he doesn't know what reindeer are or that they have anything to do with Christmas yet, but he loves all animals and likes hanging out with his big cousin A LOT. Don't they look so much a like?

A new little Christmas tradition we started: Everett in front of the tree with his turtle PJ's on. He's always SO smiley, I love it!

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  1. I LOVE the pics of Everett last year and this year! He's gotten SO BIG.