Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vampires and Hormones

My sissy and SIL are getting ready to see, the fourth Twilight movie. Although I do like all the movies, I'm not a person to get midnight showing tickets (even if I was a big enough fan, I have a little bit of a phobia of crowds). These films have never had any awards, or even nominations that I know of. No amazing effects or notable acting. So why do people love these movies so much? What is the big deal about them? Why, even me, do I like them even after making so much fun of them? Stephenie Meyer (writer of the book series) did a great job at capturing minds in her books... especially young female minds. It's hard to not like these films as a female (and some guys secretly too). Even if you criticize them all the time there's still a little part of you that wants to watch them all. Every girl wants to be Bella in a big or small way. SO, what about you what's your opinion on these movies? I'd love to hear from you! xo -Liz

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  1. Yes I read all the books, and found them lacking a bit uf, well, a lot, and have only seen the first two movies, I want too see them ALL! Their is sompthing captivating about them that isn't in other movies and it is really the epitome of teen paranormal romance books. Youve got the love triangle, and the guy that is willing to sacrifice everything for the one he loves. They absorb you into them. Since, in my opinion the writing is not very good and the characters are underdeveloped, it lets you imagine the character a bit more for yourself which women that are trying to escape from their lives like. I like them because I am addicted to paranormal stories. Yes I admit it. Te-he. Everyone likes an escape from reality, and these books/movies let you do that. (plus their are some rockin bods. lol)