Saturday, December 3, 2011

Links and an Arm

Today is our annual parade of lights and I'm really excited to enjoy it as I'm sure Everett will be thrilled to watch too!
A little bit of bad news, yesterday Papas and Everett were rough housing on the bed when Everett suddenly landed on his arm in a really weird way and The mister heard a pop. When I ran into the room his arm was limp and he was balling. The sweet mister carried him around for a while trying to calm him and Eventually fell asleep in his arms from all the crying. We decided to take him to the doctors since he rarely ever cries when he's hurt. They said it's hard to tell with a baby's bones, but took some x-rays and didn't think they could see anything fractured or serious. He still wouldn't move his arm and would ball anytime the Doctor would touch it so they decided to put a cast and sling on it. It's SO sad to see him so upset at the cast and not being able to  catch himself when he falls or even stand up from laying down with one arm, but hopefully it will all heal up as good as new soon. And thank you SO much to everyone who was praying! We are so lucky it could have been worse than it was!
Late last night after the Doctors office

On a different note, here are some lovely links for y'all to check out:
I've been in love with Marissa's Wine Time series.
This Advent calendar is such a cute idea, I might have to make one!
How to Style Vintage Hair SO cute!
This lady stitches everyday and makes some very lovely pieces. Check out her blog 365 Lucky Days and her Etsy. And speaking of Etsy check our my friends Esty shop The Guest Room Closet she has some great pieces for everyone!
Then, watch this great time lapse video that my friends filmed, a mural being painted for Light Gives Heat.
Check out these lovely gift wrapping ideas. The sewn one is my favorite!

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  1. How tough it is on a Mom and Daddy to see their little one hurting ... or on grandparents, for that matter. We pray little Everett will recuperate very quickly and not even remember the pain - or perhaps the incident. You will no doubt remember it though.

    How blessed Everett is to have a Mommy and Daddy who love him, play with him, pray for him, and watch over him in all the situations that arise in life.

    We are praying for you guys!

    Love, Grammy and Gramps