Friday, December 16, 2011


I decided to quit watching NetFlix and procrastinating to do some actual blogging! Tonight, the husby and I went to his work Christmas party and it was pretty great to meet a few of his fellow employees! We couldn't stay long though, because he had to play a little show and will be playing another one somewhere else tomorrow along with another(different) Christmas party. So, other than a busy weekend I have been procrastinating doing mostly every thing, but hopefully I can find some motivation deep down inside me somewhere and get some things done!
This week I learned: To watch for that sneaky little negative sign on my bank account!
I'll be getting an I phone this weekend, since my free upgrade is up so I decided to clean out all my pictures from this last week from my phone...

Our first snow that (kinda) stuck

One of my faves

Brenna and I making an avatar for Chase(we were proud of ourselves)

Setting up the record player

Thrifting with Brenna, Jen, and the little man

Gift Wrapping(yes, that's my toe. And yes, I am proud of myself!)

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