Monday, December 5, 2011

Life this week (according to cell phone pictures) #19

This week was quite the eventful week. My sister and BIL should be here late tonight, YAY! I'm so excited to hang out with them! I'll be Finally getting a new phone in a little over a week thanks to the sweet mister! So I'll be able to take a lot more pictures. I'll be taking Everett to his Doctor sometime this week so he can tell us if his arm is any better or not. It's been looking a lot more swollen since the first day, but has been slowly going down. He's getting a little more used to his impairment, although still complains and can't do his normal stuff like climb stairs, eat with two hands, hold open a book, and so on. He's still pretty much back to his normal chipper self though, and that makes me SO happy.




1. A certain munchkin TPed our tree
2. At the Doc's :(
3. After the Doc's

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  1. I just hurt for the little guy when I think about it. I sure pray it is healed by the time you go to the doctor.

    Love, Grammy