Friday, December 2, 2011

How We Met V.8

It's pretty amazing to hear stories from your grandparents (or parents) how they met and how you wouldn't even be here today if it weren't for those stories. This is from my mom's mom and I love it so much!
If you have a story from your grandparents, parents, or yourself you would be willing to share, please email me:

The guy I had a date with called saying his car was broke down, if I could find his friend a date he would take his car. I talked my sister into going on the “blind date”. When we got back from the movies Tom the guy she was dating and ended up marrying was there waiting on her to get back. Now I’m stuck with 2 guys and had already invited them to come into the house for hot chocolate. That was back in the days when you made it from scratch.
Next thing I was getting a call from this “blind date” name Johnny Webb wanting to know if I would like to go get a cup of hot chocolate.  I didn’t really like either of these guys so keep saying NO,finally gave in and went. Driving down the main street of Enid, Oklahoma a car load of guys drove up by us, I said I dated that guy before, Oh that is my brother--- then my family found out Johnny was a divorced man--- back in those days that was like the unpardonable sin.

As a young girl I had a very close walk with God and one night I had a dream and felt very strongly that God was saying this was who I was to marry. This was a very difficult time for me. Do I follow what my family wants or do I continue on with what I feel in my heart God wants?  --------- School ended in May I went with my dad to California to stay with my grandparents. Johnny went with his friend to LA area to find work. During our dating time we both shared our hearts on how we do not want to stay in Oklahoma.  As I was sitting in the phone co applying for a job, thinking why am I doing this I do NOT even like it here, now what do I tell Johnny? Not knowing he was thinking the same thing. ------ ask your dad to go back through Colorado and see what you think.

 When I saw the mountains I was not only in love with Johnny but the mountains and over 50 years still in love with both