Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good-Bye 2011

This year was such a great year. It was the best year yet. It was my first full year of being a mom. This year I've learned about not just being a mom, but so many things about myself and who I am.
Here's to leaving behind a great year and looking ahead to an even better one!

This year:

  • My brother and his wife whom I haven't seen for quite a while came to visit us.
  • David and I celebrated our second anniversary.
  • David got a new job working at Western Slope Ford
  • Had a great summer with my bestie Kasandra.
  • Watched a lot of great shows that David played in like The Summer Soundtrack, Starship Romance, and Kaleo Band.
  • Everett learned to walk.
  • Celebrated Everett and his cousin Shyla's first birthdays.
  • Tried bubble tea for the first time.
  • Took a mini vacation to Denver and saw the zoo and art museum.
  • Brenna and Chase moved to Texas.
  • My good friend Ashlyn got married.
  • I milked a goat for the first time.
  • Everett painted his first pumpkin.
  • I had jury duty for the first time.
  • Everett injured his arm and had to get a splint and sling.

1 comment:

  1. I love these photos, Liz. I could have done my Christmas photos that way, but don't know how. :-)

    I enjoy your blogs.

    Love y and miss you, Grammy