Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow and Bubbles

I've been so off the past few days, which has actually been kinda a good thing. It's nice to take a break from the norm sometimes. Am I right? We went up to stay at my husby's parents house last night and ended up hanging out playing Kinect and watching the snow storm all day. It was pretty nice. Hopefully next time we can enjoy some sledding up there when it's not so blustery. The kiddo slept in an hour longer than he normally does and then took two naps longer than he ever does! I don't know if it was the altitude makeing him sleepy, the quietness of being away from the city, or if it was just the dreary weather?

I took a hundred photos of these two bubble sinking it , but it didn't quite capture the cuteness of them together :)
P.S. If the videos aren't working for you the buttons are kinda off so try clicking in different spots. (sorry, I'm that smart with HTML).

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