Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's All Going Down

You know those times when it seems like everything's happening at once? Well It's all about to go down for us at once. This weekend, the husby and I are taking a first time home buyers course and then we're going to try and get all the repairs done on the house before the closing date. Today we had a meeting with the mortgage company on David's lunch break and tomorrow we have a meeting with our insurance company on his lunch break. Our closing date will be the end of this month, but we'll still need to paint and sand off all the popcorn ceilings before we move in. And of course we'll want to get all that finished ASAP.
Around that time we'll be having a bridal shower for my lovely Rachel. They moved their wedding date up to Memorial day, but I'm all for it. If anyone knows about being impatient about getting married to the one you love, it's me. When you find the right person, you just can't help it! I'm SO excited for them. I'm working on a playlist for the wedding as I write this(multi tasking!). I'm such a perfectionist though, I'm afraid it's going to take me longer than I thought haha. I'm sooo excited to be able to be their wedding photographer too. I'm hoping to get a new lens before then, but with our house coming up on the closing date and everything, it's pretty low on our list of things to purchase right now. I'm crossing my fingers though! I can't wait to share all the creative and pretty things that she's come up with though. It's pretty exciting!
In the middle of those two things, we have two high school graduation ceremonies, here in town and four relatives(and soon to be) are having one BIG graduation party all together. My MIL is graduating too from CCU. We're going to Denver for her ceremony and probably have a mini vaca with them there. I'm SO proud of her though. And glad she's finished with school now, she's such a hard worker. It will defiantly be a fun time.

I am a little stressed about all of it, but mostly excited. I feel like good things are in store ahead and know that the Lord will see us through and take care of us, whatever comes our way. The husby has to constantly remind me that everything will be OK, because I worry too much, and it always does turn out OK.
Looking at all this stuff that's happening and changing makes it almost feel like a turing point in mine and everyone around me's lives. It's so crazy how fast time passes... to think that I remember Rachel taking here first steps as a toddler, and now in just a few weeks she'll be taking her first steps down the wedding isle.

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