Sunday, April 1, 2012

Garden Party

Rachel hosted a lovely garden party this last weekend and it turned out so lovely. There were so many amazing treats, but I think my favorite was the Dandy Lemonade... Soooo good! It's probably my new favorite. We sipped off the last of the lemonade as we played a couple games of croquet. Such a great time and everything turned out so pretty.

This recipe is from Rachel:
Dandy Lemonade
2 Lemons peeled
1.5 cups of dandelion(leaves and all)
1/4 cup of honey
Blend the lemons and dandelions on high until mostly liquid. Strain the juice out and discard the pulp. Add honey and water to your liking. Stir and enjoy! 

I can't tell you how good this stuff is. It's so weird knowing what's in it, but definitely worth at least a try, trust me.

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  1. On the Dandy Lemon =aid when It says " leaves and all it means the blooms also...not the roots ( : Fun times !MOM