Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter (eve)!

I hope you're having fun, getting ready for your Easter, wether that's egg dying, making treats, or prepping for your easter meal. Today, the little and I went food shopping for our Easter meal tomorrow and they happened to have free pictures with the Easter bunny. I was sure he'd be petrified to be held by a (strange) stranger, but he kept pointing and saying bunny and laughing, so I took my chances. To my surprise, he was so stoked to be held by a giant bunny. He was squeezing and laughing at him the whole time like it was a giant stuffed animal. I almost felt bad about taking him away at the end, but at least we have a great photo so we can always look back. It was defiantly a good Easter memory.
I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow! xo -Liz

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