Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday, Friday Gettin' down on Friday

Haha couldn't help the Rebecca Black lyrics since it was Friday yesterday and all.
Yesterday I woke up and the sweet Mister gave me an early birthday present!
The little bear and I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox while I loaded my new i pod. I'm SO HAPPY to have an i pod again! I loaded it with SO MUCH music I just want to drive around and listen to music all day now. Then I used cream cheese to VERY BADLY write on our anniversary cake. But, it was gooood.
 After hitting a few yard sales early that morning with Brenna, we came back home and David decided to go to a couple more with us(he's so sweet). At the last one, he showed the little bear a GIANT STUFFED DOG. He fell madly in love with it, and squealed every time he saw it. It's a HUGE dog... like life-size... bigger than himself and he was hugging it and holding it all by himself most of the time. So, we just had to get it for him or I would feel pretty cruel haha. He hugged it, kissed it, talked to it, and tackled it at home for a good half hour.

That evening me and the sweet mister played a couple rounds of putt-putt, and then went out for some Italian food. Sadly, this is the first time I think I've played since early high school. It's so much fun, we'll defiantly be doing it a little more this summer!

That night the little bear WOULD NOT go to sleep for either of us, so we took a night walk down town with Brenna and Chase... The little bear watching the new water fountain at night.

Once the little stinker finally went to sleep, a few of us went to my brothers for a bon fire and drinks. It was pretty much a perfect day! Happy 2nd anniversary to a wonderful husby!

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