Monday, June 27, 2011

Tennis Anyone?

Yesterday the Sweet Mister and I played tennis for the first time together. I've been really interested in tennis since I was young, but had never had a chance to really learn to play, since I was Home-schooled. By the time I got out of high-school, I finally perused my silly interest and bought a couple old-school rackets from good will so me and my sister could start playing, just for the fun of it. We played for a good two summers before our lives started getting too busy.
David did pretty good yesterday, but we both are not actually "good" at tennis haha. We chased plenty of stray balls!
David chasing a ball

What a lovely summer evening. I hope you can start up something you love this summer. It's such a great thing when you can take some time to do something you enjoy every once in a while! xo

P.S. sorry about the cruddy cell phone pics

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