Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday...

To ME!
Yesterday we went up to the mesa to see my parents for my birthday. They took us out to eat at the Grand Mesa lodge. It was so weird to see snow in late June!

Above: The cooks dog waiting for the little bear to send him down a treat.
Below: A giant birthday cinnamon roll (birthday dessert!) devoured.

Brenna fell asleep on the way back down, from working a the bakery since early that morning.
Around 5 PM  a few of us played putt-putt. It was so fun for our anniversary, I decided to do it for my birthday as well, but with our friends and family!

The little bear actually got hit by a golf ball really hard! It's still looks really bad today, but luckily it was nothing serious... poor guy.
After putt-putt we went out to eat and got to open some amazing presents! My friends Jen and Megan met over at my house after to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox and the sweet mister surprised me with a giant cookie cake and put candle on it for me to blow out.  He's so thoughtful :) I had such a blessed birthday and I have so many people to thank for that!

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