Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wake, Shake, and Bake

The other day we had some amazing omelets. Since we had a few dozen farm fresh eggs we needed to get rid of, the whole family came over and made some of these super easy, fun, and fast omelets. We prepared all of the ingredients ahead of time, stuff like bacon, hash browns, snap peas, onion, peppers, cheese, the list goes on. All you need to do is take a medium zip-lock baggie, fill it with about 1/3 cup to 1 cup of beaten eggs, put whatever you want in it and stick it in a boiling pot of water.
Make sure the zip-lock edge stays out of the water so there's no chance of it leaking. You can cook three or four at a time, depending on how big of pot you have. We checked to see if our omelets were done by tipping them in the baggie to see if there was any liquid left inside. There you have it! Out comes a steamy, perfect omelet!

Enjoy! xo


  1. These were so yummy! And be sure the baggies are freezer bags :)