Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lots of Love

Anniversary, Fathers Day, and Birthday all in the next few days. Tomorrow is our second anniversary... already! Sunday is Father's Day and then Tuesday is my birthday. I'm turning 20... something. I hate getting older, but love birthdays.

I have a chocolate cake with cream cheese filling baking in the oven right this moment for the mister tomorrow. It's one of his favorites. It's funny, I like chocolate as much as any girl, but this man LOVES him some chocolate! heehee
I can't even count how many shows, practices, and what not that man has had to turn down just to get the day free. It is a rare thing for him to have some down time. Although, I'm not even sure what we'll be doing tomorrow. Maybe doing some putt-putt golf, dinner, and drinks... who knows! It should be great though cuz I'll be spendin' some time with the love of my life! :)
I love you husby!
Happy Anniversay

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