Thursday, June 23, 2011

Party is over. Time to work.

I'm so happy for my husby, he started his new job yesterday. It's such a bummer for me though. He has way more hours. The job he had before seems like a party now that he has this new one. I'm lucky if I get to see him for a whole hour.

YESTERDAY                                                                  TODAY
7:30 AM at work,                                                         7:30 AM at work,
5:30 get off,                                                                  5:30 get off,
5:45 church practice,                                                    5:45 church practice,
8:45 church is over,                                                      8:30 New Country practice,
9 finally eat dinner.                                                      11PM go home, go to bed.
The band that he's in,
New Country's, practice was luckily postponed,
so he ended up going to buy tools for his new job instead.
10:15 come home, go to bed.

It's just one thing after another. I have a feeling his schedule will be like this until he decides to eliminate some stuff... witch I know will be really hard for him.

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