Saturday, May 12, 2012


Hanging out by the river the other day.

Obsessing over... Well I'm not sure I'm quite obsessing over it, but I just saw The Vow the other night. I normally don't like most generic love story flicks, this one was pretty good though and I guess it was probably because it was based on true events instead of someone trying to pull a gushy love story out of thin air. I did think that it was quite funny though that a "music producer" was this huge, muscley guy when we all know, in reality he would be tiny... Or at least have a beer belly. (haha the funny things you notice when you're married to a musician).

 Working on... Currently working on our house still. They finished texturing(woohoo!) so now all that's left is Painting and cleaning before we finally get to move in and I'm so ready!

Thinking about... A million different things. Mother's Day, family, dreams, health, all of the amazing love we constantly receive from friends and family.

 Anticipating... Things to get back to normal. I know everyone has thoes little turning points in their lives where everything happens and changes at once, I'm definitely going through that right now... And have been, but I'm kinda ready for things to just calm down and go back to normal for a while. I'm ready to quit having to stress and work so much on the house, And I'm ready for my FIL to be able to get back to normal again. I know it will be a long while for the natural healing process, but I just can't imagine how hard it is for him to have to lay in the hospital bed all day trying to recover, especially for a work-aholic like himself.

 Listening to...

Eating... One of my favorites for breakfast, a banana almond smoothie.

 Wishing... That sometimes I could just disappear from society, grow all my own food and be away from SO much technology for a while. I feel so often that the way we're living is so unhealthy. I'm a big believer that If we could just get away from the big cities for a while and live simply our health would dramaticly increase. If we quit trying to make things so complicated, and just ate simple ingredients and did simple things we could be living such a healthier life. What's up with all these crazy unknown list of ingredients on a food package that should only be a few ingredients long?! I'm so tired of it. Humans weren't made to eat this kind of stuff. We were ment to eat REAL food. Not genetically altered, bleached, colored, or imitation junk! Ok, I'm climbing down from my little soap box now.

Have a great weekend! xo -Liz

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