Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Day After Yesterday

I had a little bit of a break for a day or two, while we were waiting for our ceilings to be textured, but now it's back to the same old busy routine. It seems like more and more little things keep adding to our list of things to get done on the house too. The other day we discovered that our second toilet is leaking somewhere. The one upstairs has been from the beginning, so currently both of the toilets are out of order. It's a little discouraging, but I somehow always stay super motivated. Today I'm: Catching up on our heap of laundry, planting the lavender plant I got on mothers day, and then later hopefully make it to the house to work a little more.

I want to give a quick little shout out to all the graduates today! Congratulations on all your hard work. Yesterday we spent all day at my cousin's Zerah Nesha, and Rachel and my future Brother-In-Law(so I like to call him) Jacob's graduation party. I'm so proud of you all! xo -Liz

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  1. Thanks Lizbet. Soon I will have quite a bit more time if you need help on your house let me know.