Friday, May 11, 2012

Hot Days, Wagons, Water, Toddlers, Snacks, and Fun

 Yesterday was pretty crazy, but so much fun. My mom and I had three toddlers and one infant all to ourselves. We normally watch my niece, Shyla, while my SIL is working at the church a few days a week. Yesterday we had my niece and nephew so my other SIL could be at the hospital with her dad. He is doing great, but is currently in surgery on both knees. One has to be totally reconstructed, so please pray that everything goes smooth and that the healing process will just totally transform him from now on.
Anyway, we put all the toddlers in the wagon and baby Ellie in the stroller once it started getting hot out and walked down town to the fountains to let them play. We hung out there for almost two hours, eating snacks and keeping cool.


  1. Oh, Liz, these photos are just darling!
    Danelle told me you baby-sat while she was at the hospital yesterday. I know that helped her so much, and it looks like the kids had great fun. I hope you and your mom weren't all worn out though.

    Love ya, Grammy

    1. Thanks so much Grammy! They definitely kept us busy all day, but they are such good kiddos it was fine :)