Saturday, May 5, 2012

Destruction Zone

It's been a long, dirty, and rough week. I feel like every once in a while that we got in over our heads with some of the stuff we decided to do on the house before we move in. It gets really discouraging at times too, but I've had a little better spirits about it lately. Things were going really slow at first, but with a little advice and encouragement, we're on our way to getting everything done.The husby and I have been staying up way too  late every night trying to get as much done as we can while he's off in the evenings and the babe is in bed. I'm pretty terrible at any kind of hard labor, because I really haven't had time(more didn't want) to work out and gain muscles these past couple years, but I feel like working on the house is one of the best workouts I've had in years!

Rachel's bridal shower is tonight so I'm pretty excited to be able to take a break from the destruction tonight and enjoy some pretty things! I hope you're having a lovely weekend as well. xo -Liz

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  1. My first view of you house! OOOOOOO, exciting. :)