Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Top Tracks"

I hope you don't mind, I'm gonna rant here for a little bit...

I opened Spotify tonight and while I was deciding what I wanted to listen to I clicked on the Top Tracks link. The first song I had heard a hundred times before on popular movies and radio stations. The rest of them sounded like something an early middle schooler would listen to. Am I getting old? I mean, not to dis any of the top artists out there, but I've heard so many great songs in my lifetime and not one of those "Top Tracks" could touch them. Maybe I AM getting old, but it just seems a bit over the top that I couldn't get through a single one of those songs all of them same genera and super repetitive. I've always thought that making music was about being expressive and unique, not about trying to compare and make the same latest top track over again. OK, maybe I AM exaggerating a little, but whatever happened to other genres? Rock? Folk? I don't care, throw in some metal for goodness sake! Am I alone in this?

Foot note: Just in case you're wondering, that IS exactly how I look when I'm listening to bad music.

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