Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goood Morning! (The Walking Dead)

I had a little late start today because I slept in...
The husby and I stayed up to finish the first season of The Walking Dead. Have you seen it? After the first two episodes I couldn't stop thinking about it and so I made the sweet mister stay up and finish it with me. You might know that I'm a little bit of a horror film lover. There's not a particular reason that I can tell you why I like them. There has been some I've seen that, of course, have kept me awake at night, and most of them are fun to laugh at, because of the corny-ness or whatever, but I like pretty much all of them. My husby really doesn't like watching horror anything... in fact I don't know anyone that likes it besides my sister and I (gosh, I miss her!), but my husby actually seemed to liked The Walking Dead! We laughed at it a lot because it almost seems like Lost in a way, but it's different and I think better. Any other opinions on in? xo -Liz

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