Monday, November 21, 2011

Life this week (according to PHOTO BOOTH pictures) #17

My phone has been acting up the last couple weeks, so I haven't been able to take as much photos as I normally do, but here are some photo booth photos from this last week. It was a crazy, but fun week. We house sat and slept on an amazing bed(that my husby doesn't think is so amazingly comfortable). We hung out with friends which was a lot of fun and I need to do a lot more of. My SIL Danelle had us over for some amazing eggplant parm(which happens to be my favorite!) and some guys vs. girls taboo!  My sissy comes home in two weeks(!) I'm so excited and have a lot planned for when she's here! As you know, I had jury duty which turned out to be not as intimidating as I thought and it was kinda cool to speak out on some things that I believe in!

1. Crazy morning hair
2. After a long day of jury duty
3. A vintage, Christmas sweater for Everett.
4. Playing
5. Making some fattening, delicious drinks.

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