Friday, November 18, 2011

How We Met V.6

Such a cute couple and story! I'm so happy to share with you today a story from Danielle of how her and her husband met. This is such a great story and so romantic, I love it and I hope you do as well! Thank you so much Danielle for taking the time to write this!

The story of how Jesse and I met…
                We first met at youth group summer of 2006. I didn’t know anyone, seeing as it was my first time at youth group, so my youth pastor was taking me around and introducing me to the other youth kids. The next few months, I saw Jesse around but was too distracted by another guy to even think about liking anyone else. Later in the school year I ended up having a geology class with Jesse. One day, he came up to me before class started and began chatting with me. I thought he was cute, but like I said before, I liked someone else at the time. Throughout the class Jesse and I became good friends. He helped me during class with things I didn’t understand. Little did I know how much of a smarty pants he is. One day, while we were working in class, Jesse started telling me about his new girlfriend. I was a little jealous, but at the same time I liked the “other boy” so I was not too upset. After that class was over we kind of stopped talking. We still said hello in the hallways and at church and we did hang out whenever all of our friends would get together, but there were no feelings for about a year and a half.
                In December of 2007, Jesse’s girlfriend ended up breaking up with him and my crush on the “other guy” had long since been over with. I heard about the break up and felt bad for Jesse, but I never thought about us together. About a week before White Out (a big youth conference) I saw Jesse at school and he walked over to me and gave me a big hug. I don’t know what happened, but at that moment I knew that I liked him. I just thought it was crazy that a simple hug lit a huge fire. I found out from one of his friends that he liked me too and so we had that awkward stage of us both knowing we liked each other, but neither of us would really say anything about it to one another. On the way up to the conference we sat next to each other on the bus and he taught me how to crochet and we just became really close over that weekend. A dance at our school was coming up (girl ask guy) and I decided I would ask him. My sister and I stayed up until about 1:30 in the morning making this awesome magazine stating all the things I liked about him and at the end, asking him to the dance. It really was a lot cooler than I can try to explain. I didn’t get an answer right away, but he did invite me over to his house for a “crochet party.” We sat on the couch and talked and crocheted together. He had finished his hat while I was still on my third row. Haha. He gave me the hat and I noticed it had some words on it, “YES” it said! I was so excited! What a cute way to answer my question! From that day on we were pretty much inseparable.

                We started dating March 1, 2008. Shortly after that I graduated.  Jesse still had one more year of high school and also started some classes at Colorado Mesa University. We spent all of our time together. He taught me to snowboard and do backflips. We went on trips together and just had a great time being crazy! We definitely had our ups and downs and did a lot of growing as individuals throughout that year. Even at a time when it was really hard, God helped to bring us closer together. After Jesse graduated we decided to do a YWAM DTS (Youth With A Mission Discipleship Training School). We spent the summer of 2009 in Cimarron, CO learning about God and his character. One night, towards the end of the summer, Jesse and I went out to pray together. We really felt compelled to ask if we were going to be together forever. And WOW did God rock our worlds! We had an amazing time of prayer and really felt that the Lord had brought us together to be married! We came back to Grand Junction for the school year and Jesse started his first year at CMU in the Mechanical Engineering program, while I worked for The Extended Hours Program watching elementary students.  December rolled around and for Christmas his gift to me was a premarital counseling class! I was so excited, I cried. Haha. It was very special; it showed me that he was serious and that he was really committing to me. We started our class and also mentored with our amazing friends Chadd and Ana Searcy! They really gave us a lot of good advice and support. In May of 2010 we left for the second half of our YWAM DTS. We went and spent 2 months in Bangkok and northern Thailand! Jesse and I were not able to kiss, hold hands, hug, etc. the whole time! Let me tell you what! That was hard! That trip really made us realize how ready we were to get married! I think that trip was the closest we had been since we had started dating. It was a wonderful experience and I would not change it for one minute! When we got back all we could talk about was getting married.
                On August 6, 2010 Jesse and I went to Rifle Falls to go hiking. After we hiked up around the falls, we sat on a bench tucked away behind some trees right next to the waterfall. We ate and then began talking about getting married again.
 Jesse then asked me, “What if I got you a rock that was this big?” and picked up a pebble off of the ground.
 I replied, “Well, actually that would be a pretty big one.”
Then he asked, “what if I got you one this big?” and pulled a pen out of his backpack.
 I said,” That would be an awkward looking diamond.”
 He then ran over and picked up a huge rock, “What if I got you one this big?”
 I said, “My hand would probably fall off!”
 Then he walked up to me, got down on one knee, and asked, “What if I got you one this big?”
 I didn’t even say yes! I just cried and laughed and had too many emotions to even handle! We left Rifle Falls and went to a park down in Rifle and he pulled out a blanket and sparkling cider, and my favorite candies, Ferrero Rocher. We just sat and talked and were so excited!

                We planned our wedding on January 1, 2011. It was a really great wedding and we had a great time celebrating with our friends and family. For our honeymoon we went to Disney Land in California, enjoying short lines, rainy days, and just spending time with each other. I am truly blessed to be married to my best friend and a true man of God!
                And that’s our story! Hope you enjoyed it, I know I did! =D
-Danielle Coquoz

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I didn't know all these details...and you even have pictures!! How I love pictures!! May God continue to mold you two into a powerful tool for His kingdom!-Cynthia