Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Once a Month Cooking

Yesterday me, my mom, and my SIL LaRae did once a month cooking. We made a bunch of different meals that can go in the freezer so you can just pull a dish out whenever you need one. It saves a lot of time, money, and is all around better for you then the frozen processed dishes from the store. It was a lot of fun getting together and making these dishes and I think we might do this next month again. Here's what we made yesterday:

 Breakfast Burritos

Chicken Pot Pie 

Chicken Alfredo

Tortilla Soup
Green Chile Corn Quiche
Pizza and Calzones
Teriyaki Chicken


  1. Ahhh it looks like so much fun! I want to do that so bad! But we don't have a big freezer... :( The Teriyaki Chicken sounds so good!

  2. Oh my gosh! I think my belly is salivating! I wish I lived with you! Then again my mom has bean miraculously making good food this week.
    Love you.