Saturday, November 5, 2011

Memory Lane and Worship Music

As I was driving the other day and had my I pod on shuffle a worship song came on that I haven't listened to in ages and it brought back a lot of great memories. My i pod currently has over 240 hours of music so it's really rare to come across certain songs. To tell you the truth, I really don't have much worship albums on my I pod. Don't get me wrong, cuz I like worship music and I never said anything about "Christian Music"(that's a whole other story I could get into). The point is that I have have a valued few that make it onto my I pod like David Crowder, LeeLand, and so on. There is one particular band though that I really enjoy, and if I still enjoy when their song comes today on then it must be true. After listening to so many of their practices and concerts, I feel like I've listened to the songs almost as much as the band has. They seriously had some talent when they were all together and I'm so glad that they were able to make their CD so we can still go back and listen to them. Even though they've all gone their own ways now, there's always a part of me that has that hope of them getting back together and making another album.
When David and I used to live in a studio apartment at CAOG church back in the day, I used to open all the doors between our room and the stage where they would practice just so I could hear them a little better. Just to clarify, David played drums, and my BIL, Chase, sang and wrote a lot of the music. I remember he would stay up WAY past a decent hour when he was on a song writing spree and just sit on the stage and write until he was done. Those are a few of the practicing day memories and I have many MANY more from the touring days. You might know by now, that I'm talking about the worship band Chamberlynn.

Their was many-a-touring days, but their was one  tour that was a particularly LONG one. We went  as far east as Knoxville, TN and stopped at so many other places for shows like Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, even one in Nashville, if you can believe it. They had a show every day except one that I can think. And we had such a blast stopping every where to explore the cities. I can write a LONG story for all of you about everything that happened, but I will save it... maybe for a different time. It's weird how just one song you hear can suddenly bring back a rush of memories!

You can see more photos on my Face Book album Chamberlynn. xo -Liz


  1. Oh my gosh! I still have that shirt. When I where it my dad asks, "so how dose it feel wearing a shirt for a band that doesn't exist any more." so I say, "it feels good, so deal with it! " They are one of the few worship bands that I can actually listen two because people don't play them all the time, at church and on the radio. plus they have comfy t-shirts.

  2. LOL! Rachel.

    Ahh the good old days of Chamberlynn. I secretly wish they would get back together too. So many memories (Finding a place that changes tires in the middle of the night, visiting Mr. Hankey, airsoft battles....) Fun times. Maybe when they're all old and stop being selfish about their own present bands then they will join forces again lol.