Monday, November 7, 2011

Life this week (according to cellphone pictures) #15

Today I'm keeping busy with once a month cooking. Me, my mom, and my SIL LaRae are all getting together and making meals that go in the freezer for later dinners or when ever you need something quick. We're making breakfast burritos, lasagna, and so on. It's such a good idea to save time AND money.
David has been cutting up his elk and I think he's about half way done. I helped by... writing on the sealed bags what they are. I wasn't that grossed out, but I would rather not touch bloody flesh if I had a choice.












1. goofy geek
2. goofy bucket head
3. Hanging out
4. Mcycle dude
5. Playing with dada
6. fake zit
7. Sliding
8. Trying to bike
9. Climbing stairs
10. cutting up elk
11. warm, home-made caramel dip

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  1. Me and my mom are now going to be getting our groceries on saturday morning and making most of our food that day, except for baked goodies and things that dont keep that long. So yesterday my mom made this HUGE pot of sup and it was really yummy I think you would like it. Water, curry powder, sea weed (I usually dont like it but it added so much flavor to the soup without adding salt), broccoli, leeks, onion, carrots, cellary, and I think thats it.