Monday, November 14, 2011

Life this week (according to cellphone pictures) #16

The week has been pretty crazy and weird. The husby has been away at practices and other things all week without a break. He was home all day yesterday which we both agreed was kinda weird, but it was nice. He helped me clean up a space for our TV so I can start yoga again. And he might get mad at me for saying this, but he even did an hours worth with me! He's SO GREAT! It was so much fun having a partner and I hope he decides to do it a little more often with me :)






1. Little Bear, David, and Papa Mc as cowboys
2. Smarties Candy canes! YUM
3. a replica blanket of my Grandma B's
4. Painting my nails, enjoying the sun, and dancing to Bon Iver
5. Little sock monkey

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